50 Engaging College Essay Topics for 2024-25 to Impress Your Tutor

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50 Engaging College Essay Topics for 2024-25 to Impress Your Tutor
Post By Sean On 26, Apr

Choosing unique college essay topics can be challenging as students are usually clueless about what they want to express in their papers. The topic of your work influences the overall structure and quality of your project, so you should be really careful when picking the essay title.

As per St. Cloud State University, an essay topic should be something that you already know about, something you care about, and something that you would like to know more about. Before choosing good essay topics for college, you should know about the purpose of your essay, the details of the sources you require, the word count, and the deadline for your work.

Generally, students struggle with picking the right topic because they are unaware of the scope of college essays. Therefore, it is always better to get help from a professional essay writer who can assist you in choosing the right topic for your work.

This blog explores in detail the tips and tricks to choose the right and interesting college essay topics. We have also included the list of best topics belonging to different categories. But before that, let’s learn what to keep in mind while writing your essay.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Writing a College Essay?

As per Harvard Summer School, the strategies to write a good college essay include being authentic about your work, focusing on deep themes and trying to craft unique content for your readers. Your work is more impactful for the readers when you grab their attention from the start and craft several drafts of your papers. You will have to refine each draft multiple times before submitting it to your professor.

Follow these guidelines when crafting a custom college essay that impresses the admissions team:

  • Write about a topic that is important to you.
  • Try answering the research questions of your essay.
  • You must know about the requirements of your college essay before you start writing.
  • Get the essay edited by at least one person.
  • Be yourself in your essay; your work should reflect you.
  • Read it aloud to figure out the mistakes in the flow and refine the essay's quality.

50 Top Trending College Essay Topics for 2024-25

To help you write your essay, we have categorised a list of several different types of essay topics for your convenience. You can choose an idea and genre for which your tutor has asked you to write.

Top 10 Argumentative College Essay Topics

A good argumentative essay topic has the capacity to spark your interest and provide you with plenty of room to express yourself to the admission officers. If the topic is controversial, it is going to pop up and then you can easily take a stand for or against it. Generally, controversial topics provide people with fresh points of view and help them find new opinions based on the arguments you craft to convince them.

Here are the top best argumentative college essay topics for students that are sure to make the readers curious about what you want to argue for. Remember that you have to craft logical and solid arguments backed by reliable sources.

  1. Do you think that there is so much focus on diets in our society? Even more than how it should have been?
  2. Are young people these days more depressed than the kids used to be in the 90s? Is it due to the worse impact of social media on the physical and mental health of children?
  3. What is more important: physical health or mental health? Tell us about what should be prioritised.
  4. Should the government have the opportunity to regulate what we eat in our homes?
  5. Do you think that the age limit for drinking should be lowered to below 18 in the US? If yes, why?
  6. Should it be mandatory for students to learn foreign languages? If yes, what languages should be absolutely necessary for them to learn?
  7. Do you think that the current American tax system is fair, or does it need to be changed?
  8. Should it be permissible for women to join men's professional sports teams? If yes, why do you think this is important?
  9. Should religious organisations and groups have to pay their taxes like normal businesses do?
  10. Should it be illegal for kids to play viral video games? Discuss the negative implications of such games and the impact of technology on the mental health of kids.

Top 10 Admission College Essay Topics

Each college sets different prerequisites for the college essay topics they want from students, so it is important to review the application requirements and the expectations of the admissions committee before crafting your essay. Some institutes may provide you with creative freedom while others want you to fit your format into an existing template. Either way, a well-written college essay has the potential to convey to the admissions officers who you are, what your intentions are to join that school, and what kind of personality you have.

Here are some of the creative college essay topics that you can choose to show your potential to the admissions committee of your dream school. You can even use these essay prompts for your personal statements and write an essay of your preferences:

  1. Discuss the importance of role models in shaping your future goals, objectives and ambitions in life.
  2. What are your plans to contribute towards the betterment of your social and local community in the career you will choose for yourself?
  3. How overcoming a big challenge did help you refocus the goals of your life and make you a better person?
  4. Discuss in detail an accomplishment, realisation, or event that successfully sparked a period of personal growth and new understanding for both you and others.
  5. Reflect on a time when you refuted a popular idea or belief and discuss what inspired your thinking and what the result of it was.
  6. If you come from a unique background, discuss it in detail in an interesting manner. How did it help you get where you are today?
  7. Do you have a plan or some big ideas that have the potential to change the world around you? If yes, discuss them briefly.
  8. What do you consider is the most valuable thing to you in your life? Dive into the details of your cultural values and tell us about what matters the most to you.
  9. Have you successfully transformed your ideas regarding something in recent years? If yes, what was it and what did you learn from that incident?
  10. Tell us about an important global or local issue that you care about. Briefly explain how you got involved in that problem and what do you think is the cure.

Top 10 Persuasive College Essay Topics

Crafting a persuasive essay helps students refine their critical thinking skills. When they work to find counter-arguments and solid evidence to support their claims, they develop a strong argumentation style. These types of college research essay topics convince the readers to form a certain opinion about an issue. You do not need to research a lot for them; all that you need to have is a bunch of strong and convincing arguments. Here are some college essay topics that stand out when you need to convince the readers you are the best person to get selected by your school.

  1. Is it better to have three set meals or keep buying snacks all day?
  2. Should students stop entering into sports if their academic grades are not good enough?
  3. Why do you think that wealthy people should pay more taxes?
  4. If countries are densely populated, should the government limit the number of kids?
  5. Should companies be allowed to contribute towards environmental pollution if they are producing goods that are beneficial for society?
  6. How much influence and involvement should parents have in the education of their children?
  7. Should members of Congress be allowed to get a salary during periods of governmental shutdowns?
  8. Do you think that schools should be allowed to drug test their students whenever they want?
  9. Should you focus on keeping the old friends as you get older or make new friends?
  10. What if the aliens come to Earth? Should we befriend them?

Top 10 Compare and Contrast College Essay Topics

As the name suggests, compare and contrast topics for college essays focus on the comparison of two different perspectives. The objective of such essays is to explore different domains and produce a variety of opinions on the subject that is being discussed. The only rule of thumb for writing such kind of research essay topics for college is that there must exist some similarities in both the topics you are comparing.

If you do not have enough grip on how to ensure the correct comparison of different perspectives on your work, you should get help from a legitimate essay writing service. The choice of topics may range from history, health, philosophy, current events, literature, and more. Ensure that the college application essay topics you choose are those that resonate with you the best!

  1. Should economics be taken as a compulsory discipline for students or not? Compare both possibilities and give us your opinion.
  2. Write a compare and contrast essay on both the ideas of joining a corporation or working on a start-up project.
  3. Getting a college degree or getting a job: discuss the pros and cons of both.
  4. Compare both the modern scientific methods and the traditional ones and list the contrasting features.
  5. Which is more satisfying: receiving presents or giving them?
  6. Compare the qualities of both your best friend and the worst enemy.
  7. What do you think is better: online interactions or interactions in real life? Talk about your experience.
  8. Pick wartime and peaceful times from the history of your country, compare both and present your views.
  9. Would you prefer walking by the seaside or walking in a forest? Present a compare and contrast essay on that.
  10. Compare the pros and cons and impact of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and write a detailed essay on that.

Top 10 Informative College Essay Topics

Are you looking for the best topics for informative essays? Such essays are written to explain or teach anything to the readers or explain an issue to them. These ideas focus on the provision of relevant facts, unique perspectives, and new information to readers. The research questions that you craft for your work should enlighten the audience about a specific topic in an elaborate manner. Here are some of the good informative college essay topics that you can choose from when writing your custom college essay.

  1. Write an informative essay on the effect of artificial intelligence on new businesses related to your academic field.
  2. What do you think are the causes and effects of the gender inequality rules that are followed in the workplace?
  3. Discuss the effects and impacts of homosexuality and how it influences the thought patterns in a culture.
  4. Is water pollution affecting the environment? If yes, how is that happening?
  5. Craft an informative essay on the effectiveness of herbal medicines and discuss whether they are safe to use.
  6. Highlight the effectiveness of online education in this age, especially in the context of the covid-19.
  7. What are the ethics of the current genetic engineering techniques in humans and what are the possible implications?
  8. Shed light on the political issues that have a vital effect on the well-being and life of high school students.
  9. What are the pros and cons of the legalisation of recreational drugs for young people?
  10. What should be the rules for the protection of endangered species worldwide? Enlist the possibilities that can work for their prevention of extinction.


When it comes to college essay topics, you have to choose one that appeals to your readers and engages their attention. You should avoid picking topics to write about for college essay that might produce a wrong impression on your audience, or overused or too vague. The topics that help you achieve your academic goals are the best ones for creative essay writing.

We hope that this list of 50 best college essay topics assisted you in making a great and relevant choice. If you need personalised college essay topics that are crafted to meet your needs, you can buy essay online from The Academic Papers UK. You can seek all kinds of assistance with your essay papers and rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with the results. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our work.

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