Short Case Study on Evaluation of Smart and E-Cars

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The launch of smart and e-cars has taken the market by storm and everyone; the customers, as well as the investors, are looking forward to seeing what a difference these new models would make on their pockets as well as the overall economy. While it remained a hot topic when we talked about energy and how it could be utilized to save fuel and the environment, actually having smart cars is certainly creating a stir in the market and leaving … Continue reading “Short Case Study on Evaluation of Smart and E-Cars”

All About Sibling Rivalry That You Should Know

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All the acts of jealousy, competition and fighting between the brothers and sisters are known as sibling rivalry. Almost all the parents who have two or more than two kids are facing this kind of problem from their children. The problem of the sibling rivalry starts just after the birth of the second kid. The impacts of the sibling rivalry will remain throughout the childhood of the children. The impacts of sibling rivalry are stressful and painful for the parents. … Continue reading “All About Sibling Rivalry That You Should Know”