Role of The Academic Papers UK in Securing Future of Students

Nowadays, it is a desire of almost all students to get higher grades. It is possible only if students perform well in exams as well as in academic writing tasks. In order to get the best grades in exams, students have to study by preparing and following a strict timetable. When students are asked to write an academic paper along with their studies, their timetable is disturbed. As a result, they want to get help from someone else. Under such a situation, The Academic Papers UK is the best choice for students. The Academic Papers UK is securing the future of students in the following ways;

The academic papers UK

  • You can get all types of academic writing services under one roof

During the academic career, the students have to write lots of academic papers like essays, assignments, coursework, dissertation and thesis etc. Most of the students try to write these academic papers from online writing services. Instead of looking for a new service for the completion of each academic writing task, the students just need to contact with experts of The Academic Papers UK. The Academic Papers UK is a team of expert writers and these expert writers have acquired degrees from the well-known universities in the UK. Moreover, they have enough experience in academic writing tasks. They have a good reputation among the students. The customer representatives of ‘The Academic Papers UK’ are also available around the clock for the assistance of students. Therefore, by providing all academic writing services under one roof, this writing service is securing the future of students.

  • Customer satisfaction is their main priority

The main focus of this writing service is on customer satisfaction. That’s why they are enjoying a good reputation among students. For the purpose of getting 100% customer satisfaction, their expert and highly qualified writers are available for assistance of students around the clock, they are ensuring on-time delivery of orders, they are providing 100% confidential guarantee to their customers, they are providing free academic paper samples to students in order to get an idea about quality of their writers and they are providing an offer of free unlimited revisions. According to free unlimited revisions guarantee, if students feel that their academic papers are not written by following their requirements and guidelines, they can get free unlimited revisions.

  • Helpful to get your degree distinction

If you want to get a degree at the university level, you will have to write a dissertation or thesis. A dissertation or thesis is a lengthy piece of writing and students face lots of problems to complete it before the deadline. If students fail to submit it before the deadline, they are not able to get a degree. Under such a situation, the expert writers of ‘The Academic Papers UK’ are also helpful for the students. These expert writers can easily provide 100% unique content to students in the form of a dissertation or a thesis before the deadline. After submitting this best quality dissertation or thesis, the students can easily get university degree with distinction.

Along with academic writing services, they are also providing proofreading and editing services. After proofreading and editing content from them, the students can ensure the best quality of their academic papers.


Copyright Designs And Patents Act 1988

According to the new Copyright law in the UK, the work of an individual will automatically be copyrighted without getting any kind of permission, approval and registration. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the copyright of your material and there is no need to get any kind of permission from any kind of government organization.

Copyright, design and patent Act

The United Kingdom is known as the birthplace for the new laws of the copyright. The United Kingdom has commenced the copyright laws from the statue of Anne and this law was originated in 1710. No doubt, this law was originated in those days when there was no issue of online blogs and piracy. The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 came into existence on 1st August 1989. Some smaller provisions of this law came into full effect till 1990. There are lots of amendments are made in this law and we can also see a clear influence of the European Union on this law.

All of these laws were crafted before the origin of the internet and with the invention of the internet; the world has also faced some other ways of copyright issues. In order to meet these copyright issues, it was necessary to bring some amendments to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. According to this copyright policy, the person who has generated the work on the computer is the owner of that work. In the UK and other parts of the world, people are not allowed to use the copyright content of any person without the explicit permission of the owner.

In other words, we can say that we are not allowed to use a large portion of the content without the permission of the creator. Anyhow, there are also some limited permissions from the creator to use the copyrighted material. In the United Kingdom, ‘Fair Use’ is a policy which allows the people to use the content of other creators. On the other hand, in the United States, ‘Fair Dealing’ is the policy which allows the people to use the content of other creators as their own.

We can say that Fair Dealing has more restrictive clauses than Fair Use policy. We can say that there requires sufficient acknowledgement while using the work of a creator. If you are not acknowledging the work of the others, it means that you are pirating of the copyrighted material. In the UK, there was also a time when internet cache services were also considered against the law. Due to the Fair Dealing policy, the users were not able to make even copies of the websites and blog posts. Later on, an amendment was passed and according to this amendment, the users were allowed to make the temporary copies of the websites.

Individuals in the UK are still facing some problems because they are not able to understand that either it is easy for them to register their material with an organization or they can use some specific symbols in order to register their material. Nowadays, an amendment is also passed and they have provided the answer to this question is ‘No’. Its reason is that according to the new Copyright law in the UK, the work of an individual will automatically be copyrighted without getting any kind of permission, approval and registration. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the copyright of your material and there is no need to get any kind of permission from any kind of government organization.

How to Write Creative Essay – Tips by Essay Writing Services

How to Write Creative Essays

While writing an essay, most students think about that five or six paragraph essay which they use to write in their school time. And therefore every essay doesn’t have that structured and rigid content in it. An essay is basically a piece of writing which clears the analysis and evaluates the issues or topics. There are several types of essay available like expository essay, descriptive essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay and creative essay. Among all creative essays is an essay in which it is on writer to choose about the unique point of view for their audience. It is the type in which it’s totally your choice to whether write an essay which revolves around some story or some other writing platform in which you have an opportunity to expand your creativity. They are the type of non-fiction which has ability to describe something imaginative. There are so many Essay Writing Services which can help you by providing a good creative essay.



Writing a creative essay is easy but most students find it difficult for them. According to them the major problem is they have bad writing skills or sometimes bad English skills. They think if they are going to write an essay then definitely they can’t clear the concept of the reader or teacher. And thus they have lack of confidence on them self which stop them from writing any essay. But this Essay Writing Service has many tips and guidelines for those students to write a good creative essay. By focussing on these tips and tricks you are able to write a good, unique and 100% plagiarism free essay. Following are some instructions on which if you move then you can write a creative essay


First of all you need to decide about what you are going to write if you are restricted to a topic already then select a solid point of view about it which you can write easily. But keep in mind one thing that even you are writing a creative essay but you need a basic point and a purpose of writing.


You can present your point of view in an intriguing way like you can write about your funny experiences. For creating more excitement in the reader or teacher you use a literary device. And that is the simple way with which you can show your creativity to your reader or teacher.

All you need to do is to make an outline which helps to give you a structure. You don’t need five paragraph content but what you need is to plan about the information and points you have to add in your essay.


Just keep the audience in your mind and start writing your essay. The opening or introductory paragraph should be interesting to attract your reader or teacher. It should be like after reading it your audience want to know more. This is the only type of essay which allows you to write in a depth about something.


After you have shown your point of views and reasons behind it to your reader, now you should conclude it whether filling the pages or in a paragraph..!!