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The academic papers UK

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  • Helpful to get your degree distinction

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Tips on improving your GPA in college

GPA is very important in a student’s life. Students study hard to get good GPA. If you do not study and cannot get good GPA, you might lack in many things and fall behind from your class fellows and friends. There are few tips written by the writers of dissertation help, a best writing company in UK, that can help you to improve your GPA in college.

Go to Class

It is very important to go to class. Skipping a class could harm you in many ways. When you do not take class, you will not be able to learn and if you do not learn anything, there are very little chances that you get good GPA. But if you attend all your classes, you will be able to understand everything in the class and if you do not understand you can ask your teacher. Asking questions can clear many things in your mind.

dissertation writing service

Don’t Get Lost

If you do not understand anything and you are confused about that, you should immediately ask from your teacher. Do not ignore if you do not understand anything because if you skip anything now, you will not be able to trace and understand that later, if you do not make it clear now.

Join or Form a Study Group

Joining a study group or making a one is the most useful way to increase your GPA. When you will be in a study group, you will be having the pressure of competition and also you will feel accountable and organized. Healthy competition is very important for students and they should indulge themselves in healthy competition.

Study at the Library

Your rooms and homes are not the best places to study. There are more chances in the room that you get distracted because there are many things available there for distraction. It is important that you study in the library. Libraries have the special environment that can provide you energy and motivation to study. You can give full concentration to your studies without getting distracted.

Keep a List of Resources

It is also important that you complete your assignments on time. You should keep the list of all resources before working on your assignments. When you will be having all the information with you, it would be very easy for you to work on assignment and complete it on time.

Sit in Front

Always sit in the front row. you will be facing more disturbance while sitting in back row, you will not be able to concentrate on your lecture. Teacher’s voice will not be clear and you might fall behind but when you sit in the front row, there is no as such problem and you can fully concentrate on your lecture and can easily interact with your teacher.

Participate in Class

If you are an active student and participate in your class discussion, this is very good sign that you can get higher grades than those who do not participate in the class. Class participation is very important. It builds your confidence and clears your confusions and concepts. It gives you the chance to interact with teachers and fellow students. It will help you to remember the things.


It is good that you spend a good amount of time studying but sleep is as important. Taking a complete sleep is very important for your mental and physical health. You should take at least 6 hours sleep to keep yourself fresh. If your mind is fresh and your body is active, then you will be able to focus on study and get good grades. if you haven’t taken your complete sleep and you have studied nonstop, there are very high chances that not only your mind but your body will also be very tired and you will not be able to focus and study.

Interrogative Sentences: Practical Guide To Using These Sentences In Writing

A sentence in which a direct question is asked is known as an interrogative sentence. At the end of an interrogative sentence, a question mark is placed. The interrogative sentences are considered as the most important type of the sentences. There are numerous benefits of interrogative sentences. First of all, these sentences are helpful to gather information. Secondly, these sentences can clear up the confusion. Thirdly, with the help of interrogative sentences, we can engage themselves in the interesting conversation. If you are not able to understand these interrogative sentences, then you can get help from experts in dissertation writing services. A practical guide to using these sentences in writing is given below;

  • Direct and indirect interrogative sentences

We can use interrogative sentences in our writing in numerous ways. First of all, we discuss direct interrogative sentences. These sentences are usually used with the help of the inverted order of the words and we place a question mark at the end of these sentences. An example of a direct interrogative sentence is given below;

Where is he going for dinner?

After the direct interrogative sentences, there come indirect interrogative sentences. In these sentences, there is no need to invert the order of the words and these interrogative sentences are also written without question marks. An example of an indirect interrogative sentence is given below;

I wonder where he is going for dinner.

  • Interrogative with the auxiliary verb

We can use both auxiliary and normal verbs in the interrogative sentences. If we are going to use auxiliary verbs in the interrogative sentences, then there is no need to use do, does or did. Its example is given below;

Can I help you?

On the other hand, if you are using a normal verb in an interrogative sentence, then you will have to add do, does or did. Its example is given below;

Is she talking?

The interesting thing about these interrogative sentences is that we will have to invert the order of words and to add the question mark in both cases.

  • W-H interrogative

To make the W-H interrogative sentences, first of all, we will have to include W-H. Secondly, there comes an auxiliary verb. Thirdly, there comes subject and at last, there comes the main verb. An example of this kind of interrogative sentence is given below;

When is he going?

  • How

We can use ‘How’ in numerous ways to prepare the interrogative sentences. Some of them are given below;

  • We can use it to ask something about a person. i.e.

How do you prepare for the exam?

  • If we want to ask the degree of an attribute, then we can use it with the help of a degree. i.e.

How old is your car?

  • If we want to ask about quantity, then we can use ‘much’ or ‘many’ with ‘how’. i.e.

How many people are in the park?

How much water do we need?

  • If we want to inquire about the frequency of an object, then we can use ‘how’ in the following way;

How quickly can you drive the bike?

How a Student Can Use a Dissertation Proposal In The Final Dissertation Write Up

A dissertation proposal is very important in students’ academic life. Therefore, the instructor first needs to submit dissertation proposal. You can start on your dissertation after successful approval of your proposal. Therefore, a dissertation is the first step toward your dissertation success. A dissertation is one of the most important parts of an academic life of a student. Therefore, students should score good grades in their dissertation proposal. A student can use a dissertation proposal in the final dissertation write up. The best dissertation proposal can give you good grades. A dissertation proposal leaves an effective impression on your readers.

What is the dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal is an academic document that students submit before they start work on their final dissertation. It contains all the ideas and plans for the final dissertation. Therefore, students should submit the final document to their teachers for their approval. After the submission of a dissertation proposal, the supervisor accesses the idea and plans of the students. Hence, the supervisor approves the proposal if the idea looks useful. A proposal is similar to a table content of your final dissertation. It helps you roughly identify the topic you intend to examine. It should include every detail about your final dissertation plans and ideas. You can use a dissertation proposal for your final dissertation write up. It is most important part of your dissertation. It helps you to identify the direction of your dissertation.

Importance of Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal has its own importance as we have seen earlier.

  • It helps to communicate your dissertation idea to your supervisor.
  • Dissertation proposal shows your capability to your supervisor.
  • Dissertation proposal helps to carry out a research study that is knowledgeable, comprehension, and effectiveness.
  • Dissertation proposal prepares you for your dissertation.

What does a Dissertation Proposal Contain?

Whenever you work on your dissertation proposal, you need to ensure that you include the following:

  1. Why does one would like the research?
  2. What does one understand it already?
  3. What is the matter that you simply wish to focus in your study?
  4. Where can you conduct your research?
  5. When can you conduct your research?
  6. Whom can you study?
  7. Who can study the dissertation?

The structure of a dissertation proposal

The dissertation proposal that you submit to your supervisor should have a good structure. Only with a proper structure, you will get the approval for your dissertation. The elements play a vital role in the structure of a dissertation proposal. Some elements are: methods, literature review, expected outcomes, timeline, objectives and bibliography.

Here are some essential elements of a dissertation proposal.

Dissertation title: Dissertation title shows all the main points in your dissertation. It is the most important part of your dissertation. You should have a title that is to the point.

Objectives: You should have a narrow area of research. Therefore, if you have more than three objectives, your research area becomes too broad.

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Writing A First Class Dissertation in A Month: A Step By Step Guide

A dissertation is a long formal piece of writing on a particular subject for a university degree. The dissertation is the final stage of the Master degree. Writing a first class dissertation provides you with an opportunity to show your skills and knowledge in order to organize the research project. A dissertation is a formal document that presents a way of writing. The master level dissertation is different from the other forms of writing. If you want to write a first-class dissertation in a month, this article intends to guide you through the dissertation process a step by step. The most successful dissertation is that, which is specific and narrowly focused.

First class Dissertation in Outline

The dissertation provides an opportunity to study on a particular subject. The aim of the dissertation is to put into practice theories and concept as learned during the program. It also shows evidence of independent investigation of writing a dissertation. After completion of the dissertation, students should be able to understand the process of managing a project within a strict deadline. The dissertation writing will define an academic rigorous piece of research. The student will be able to understand the relationship between the theoretical concepts taught in class and their application in specific situations.

Step 1: Dissertation supervisor

The dissertation supervisor performs many functions. An academic supervisor will support you in writing a dissertation. Program director will advise you by the whole process of writing a dissertation. The supervisor will assist the student in tailoring the proposal to the time and other resource constraints. The academic supervisor will not check or correct grammar and expression of your dissertation. The academic supervisor will not read the finished work and will not make any comment at any stage on the dissertation. There are some responsibilities of the students in writing a first-class dissertation. The student should maintain regular contact with the academic supervisor. It is the students’ responsibility to inform their supervisor about the progress of the dissertation.

Step 2: The Research proposal

The research proposal is another important step in writing the first-class dissertation in a month. The research proposal is an important working document. The research proposal shows that you have thought through what the main research objectives are to be, identify the main sources and the research methodology. The academic supervisor will provide you with a research proposal.

The research proposal should include:

  1. A working title
  2. An introduction to the topic
  3. A preliminary literature review
  4. The detailed research methodology
  5. Timetable

Step 3: Title page and Abstract

The title page should adopt the format of the dissertation. The title page is another important step in writing a first-class dissertation. The dissertation should contain an abstract of up to 350 words. A good title is not difficult to write. It represents a brief summary of the results of the dissertation research. The abstract should provide sufficient information about the results of the research proposal. In writing the first-class dissertation, your abstract should contextualize the source text and summaries the translation brief.

Step 4: Acknowledgement

Acknowledge all help received in writing a dissertation. The student should try to keep a personal comment about friends and family to a minimum and concentrate on those who have given direct assistant. Acknowledgement gives an assurance that the dissertation is your own work. You may need to apply for your information. Acknowledgement is a statement of the word count. The main folder should not be submitted with the dissertation and will only be required on demand. Acknowledgement is a declaration that the work is your own and complies with university regulations on plagiarism.

Step 5: Contents pages and Introduction:

The contents page should list the chapter headings, appendices, references and the pages on which the students can find content for writing a dissertation. The dissertation should divide into chapters and sections .the students should discuss the overall structure of your dissertation with your academic supervisor. The first chapter should include a background of the problem, and a statement of the issue. You will clarify the purpose of the study as well as the research question. You will need to provide a clear definition of the terms related to the project. You will also expose your assumptions and expectations of the result.

Step 6: A Literature review

In the literature review, you will review the research process and the most important acknowledgement about the dissertation. A literature review section is to show about your finding in the literature. The literature review enables readers about the validity of your choice of research methodology. The literature review should be around 3,000 to 4,000 words.

Step 7: Research methodology

This part of the dissertation explains the resources and the methods of the implementation of the result. If you are writing a qualitative dissertation, you will expose the research question and data collection. If you are writing a quantitative dissertation, you will focus on the information about the population and sample. The conclusion of this chapter should provide a summary of the main points of the dissertation.

Step 8: Findings

This is the most important step in the whole process of writing a dissertation. It shows your intellectual capacity. At this point, you will restate the research questions and you will discuss the results you found and explain the direction. In the findings, you will give the answer to the questions.

Step 9: Discussion and Appendices

In the introduction of the dissertation, you should write the context of the research. In the literature survey, you will be able to analysis the previous work of the dissertation. The introduction of this chapter reminds the reader about the research objectives. Appendices provide relevant evidence of the dissertation. Students may wish to include in appendices, evidence that confirms the originality of their work. Students should not assume that appendices which give the Examiners in detail.

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Best Format For Writing a Book Report

During your academic career, you will often be asked to write a book report. A book report provides a clear idea about the contents of a book in the form of an essay or an assignment. For this reason, sometimes, the students are assigned a list of the books and a student will have to choose a particular book in order to write a book report. On the other hand, sometimes, there is also a possibility that you are free to write a book report on your own desired book. To write a book report, you will have to follow a particular format. If you are not able to understand the best format of a book report, then you can get help from the academic writing services. The best tips to write a book report in the best format are given below;

1)    Create a book cover

To write a book report, you should try to create a book cover in the coloured form. On the book cover, you should try to write down the title of the book along with the name of the author. To get the attention of the audience, you should try to paste the image of the best scene of the book.

2)    Create a list of all the characters in the book

The main characters of a book are protagonist and antagonist. Moreover, you should also try to find out one or two other main characters in the book. To create a list of all the characters in the book is not enough for the students. You should also try to write down at least one paragraph to describe the personality and main goals of these main characters of the book.

3)    Setting

The setting of a book is the name of time and place for the occurrence of different scenes of a book. You should try to write down at least one paragraph about the setting of the book.

4)    Plot summary

As we know that there are a lot of generalizations in a book. To describe these generalizations in a book report is known as a plot summary. The plot summary of a book report should consist of only three full paragraphs. There is no need to write down a plot summary of a book report more than three paragraphs.

5)    Conflict

A set of all the disagreements and arguments about a book is known as confliction. This confliction can be internal or external. You should also try to provide a confliction about the book in a book review.

6)    Climax

The climax is considered one of the most important components of a book. The climax of a book provides us with a clear idea who will win or how a story will end. Never forget to provide an explanation about the climax of a book in the book report.

7)    Resolution

There are some questions that are explained at the end of a book. You should also try to provide an explanation of these questions along with their answers in a book report in the form of a resolution.

8)    Opinion

No doubt, to write a book report, you will have to read out that book attentively. Therefore, at last, never forget to provide your own opinions and views about the book in a book report.

How to handle boring subjects: college hacks

Students are never happy with their subjects. They always have some subjects to hate and they always struggle to study and get good grades in those subjects. To cope with these issues, there are some ways to make your boring subject interesting, so that you can enjoy learning and studying that subject and ultimately score good marks.

Few techniques could be used to make a boring topic interesting.

Make your study a Fun

There are many ways to make your boring subject interesting. You can add humor and fun to your study. You ca not remember all the formulas and equations but you always remember jokes and fun time spent. You can take help from different books and online to learn the ways to make your boring subjects interesting.

Be Different

You can find any subject boring might be because of the way people perceive or look into it. Try to change your perspective and look at the subject with other different and unique angles. The new perspective will definitely help to develop your interest in your subject.

Visuals Help

Many subjects are very dry and do not look to the eyes. That is the reason, people find these subjects boring. You can use pictures and other visuals to explain your subject. Make a story with all the pictures and visual that will help to memorize what you have studied.

Make Questions

In order to make your subject interesting, make questions of your study and try to find out the answers. You can decide how to find the answers and from where to. When you will be having the choice to use any resource then obviously you will find some interesting way to get the questions answered.

Case Study

In order to make your subject interesting, make the case study from real-world examples and work on it. The case study gives you lot of information, which you cannot get from studying books. Case study makes you familiar with the real world challenges and tells you the ways to solve the problems.

Other than these techniques, some other ways can be used to make your subject and topic interesting.

  • You can relate your topic to the real world; in this way, you will be able to understand it. The more you will learn about your subject, the more you will understand it. This can lead to developing your interest in your subject, but you should use the sources that interest you and develops your understanding.
  • You also need to improve your patience in order to understand a subject that you do not like. It is not important that you will start writing it in a day; everything takes time, so you have to be patient to see the results.
  • Before starting your study plan for it
  • Prepare real-life examples to develop interest.
  • Motivate yourself with this thinking, if other people can do it, why not you.
  • You should avoid those things that distract you and focus on your skills that improve your study.

Be Nice to Your Studies and Impress Your Tutors

Being good at studies, not only earns you good grades but teachers’ and fellow students’ love and respect as well. There is a number of factors that make you a good student. Teachers have a great contribution in making a student a good student. Teachers should invent different methods of teaching that could create interest of the pupils in the class, if the child is attentive and interested in the class, there are higher chances of being him the best student. But it’s also the responsibility of students to show interest in their studies to impress their teachers. There is a number of things which make you a reputable student.

Hard Classes

You are spending money on your education, so you should get a good education. There will be classes in your school and college that you will find very difficult, but attending those classes will help you to develop your personality and increase your knowledge.


It’s your first and most important priority to attend all the classes. You are going to school and college for classes and you are bunking your classes, you are not only breaking your parents and teachers trust but also doing injustice to yourself. A good student is the one who is punctual and gains teachers’ attention and love.

Sit in Front Row

Sitting in the front row will help you in many ways; You will be attentive and be able to understand what the teacher is teaching. You can raise questions if there is any difficulty. You can communicate easily with the teacher and most importantly you are away from students who are not interested in studies and come to school and college only for fun

Do Home Work

It is the sign of good and hardworking student that he is very regular in doing homework and assignments assigned. This behavior of yours depicts your serious attitude towards studies and makes you favorite of teachers.

Manage Time

Being a good student does not mean that you will always study but a good student is one who can distribute his time equally. For doing a study and getting good grades, you should be healthy and active. You should have a complete sleep and a specified time for games, especially outdoor games that keep you fit physically

Hard Work

There is no shortcut to success except hard work. If you are hardworking, you will be able to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself but if you are intelligent and think that your intelligence will help to succeed, then you are wrong. Only intelligence is nothing without hard work. Everyone looks at a hard working person with respect and appreciation.

The above-mentioned points are few to become a good student and to impress your teachers and parents. A good student is the pride of parents and teachers and earns respect everywhere not only for himself but for his parents and teachers as well. So be nice to yourself, be honest with your studies and become favorite of everyone.

Who Can Complete a Construction Management Degree Part-Time: Requirements And qualification?

To construct a specific project, we need a proper planning as well as designing. A person who plans and designs that project from the beginning to the end is known as a construction manager. The subject in which these professional qualities of a construction manager are studied is known as the construction management.

The main role of a constructional manager is to control the time, cost as well as the quality of a project. The capital projects of the construction management are the projects that are related to the real estates, industrial facilities, and infrastructures related to the military. There are main seven types of the constructions like agricultural, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, heavy civil, and environmental.

There are two major types of the construction management degree programs. The requirements and the qualifications of the construction management degree depend upon the type of the construction management degree. For example, if you are going to get a bachelor’s degree in the construction management, then you will have to fulfill their requirements.

The first requirement is that you should have to complete at least 120 credit hours during the graduate degree. Secondly, you will have to fulfill their requirements for the home. Thirdly, it is also an unavoidable thing for you to fulfill the general requirements of the studies. Fourthly, you have studied at least one major subject of the construction management during the graduate degree.

At last but not the least, you should try to fulfill all the requirements of the institute in which you are going to get admission. The major courses that are offered by the different universities in order to get a Bachelor’s degree in construction management are construction law, ways to control and schedule the costs of different things, and the methods for the different structures of the construction.

Anyhow, if you are not able to understand the exact requirements for the bachelor’s degree in the construction management, then you can get help from the academic writing services.

The second and the most famous type of the degree that a lot of students get into the construction management is known as the master’s degree. If you want to get admission in the master’s degree, of the construction management, then you will have to fulfill some requirements.

First of all, the minimum credit hours required for the residence are the 30 credits. Secondly, the minimum number of credit hours that are required for the thesis is 9 credit hours. Thirdly, there come the requirements for GPA in the previous degree programs.

The minimum GPA required for the previous degree program is the 3.00. If you are fulfilling all these requirements that you can easily get admission in the master’s degree in the construction management.

There are a lot of classes are involved in the master’s degree in the construction management. These classes are the techniques for the construction management, an evaluation of the quality performance, different laws regarding the environment and management, management of the different kinds of the risks, tips to take an analysis of the contract of different kinds of constructions, and the administration issues in it.

Is It Right To Pay Someone to Write Your Dissertation?

The process of assessing the dissertation is different from the assessment of the other kinds of the academic papers. The main aim of writing a dissertation is to identify your area of the interest, to conduct an in-depth research, to make a list of the best research questions, and to enhance your basic dissertation writing skills. No doubt, to fill these requirements of a dissertation is a real challenge for the students. There are a lot of students who are not able to write down the best quality dissertation and they try to get help from the dissertation writing services. There are some expert writers are attached to the dissertation writing services. Here, we will discuss is it right to pay someone to write your dissertation. No doubt, if we are going to write a dissertation from an expert writer of a reliable dissertation writing service, then it is necessary for us to pay for it. Its reason is explained in these points;

  • It is a fact that if we are going to buy a good or service from the bazaar, then we will have to pay for it. In a similar way, if we are going to buy a dissertation from an expert writer, then it means that we are going to buy a service from him/her. Due to this reason, we will have to pay for it.
  • An expert writer is a well-experienced and a highly-qualified and if we want to write a dissertation from such kind of the writer, then it means that we are going to use the precious time of such a writer. Therefore, it is also necessary for us to pay the expert writer because you have used his/her precious time.
  • A reliable writing service provides an offer of 24/7 customer support service to their customers. With the help of this 24/7 customer support service, we can get the best solution of our dissertation problems at any time without any time limitation. Therefore, it is also necessary for us to pay the expert writers for their 24/7 customer support service.
  • The expert writers have the ability to provide the best solutions to your dissertation problems. Moreover, the dissertation written by them will be of the best quality. Therefore, it is also necessary for us to pay the expert writers for the best quality of the work.
  • In order to ensure the best quality of the dissertation, your dissertation will be checked at the multi-levels. Therefore, this thing also urges us to pay for the dissertation writing task to the expert writers.
  • The expert writers that are attached to a reliable dissertation writing service have a high turnover time. This high turnover time is possible only if you are going to write a dissertation without taking care of your own social and practical responsibilities. The assurance of the high turnover time is an also a major cause that we should pay for the dissertation writing task.

To sum up, we can say that it is almost impossible for us to buy the best quality dissertation without paying for it.