Writing an Annotated Bibliography: A Comprehensive Guide

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An annotated bibliography is a type of document that provides a short summary of each reference. This summary relates the research topic and research references. When you are conducting research on a topic, you provide a complete list of references. These are the references that helped you throughout your research. If you fail to provide references, you might end up submitting the plagiarised work. Therefore, it is important for a researcher to add each reference in the bibliography. This will … Continue reading “Writing an Annotated Bibliography: A Comprehensive Guide”

Examples of Structured Interview Questions in Qualitative Research

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The qualitative research method is the market research method. Its main aim is to gather qualitative data from open-ended and conversational communication. While gathering data about a specific topic by qualitative research, you should try to know what and why people are thinking about a specific aspect. To conduct qualitative research, we have to design interview questions. For example, in a specific store, if the number of men visitors are more than the number of women visitors, you will have … Continue reading “Examples of Structured Interview Questions in Qualitative Research”

All You Need To Know About Composing a Research Problem

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A research problem can be called a research question that every researcher has to set while composing his/her research project to answer. Either you are going to write a qualitative or a quantitative research paper, the research problem is the main component of the research paper. A good research paper should be narrow and specific as a research problem also improves the knowledge of the researchers about a specific problem. Before selecting the research problem, you should determine the type … Continue reading “All You Need To Know About Composing a Research Problem”

A Guide to Writing and Publishing A Research Paper

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A research paper is a protracted and official piece of writing based on the author’s original research. By researching, evaluating, organizing and composing a research topic, you can interpret the original information to the reader. The foremost purpose of writing a research paper is to delineate a unique issue and offer new rules and regulation it solve it. Importance of Writing a Research Paper   A research paper is a medium to acquire knowledge and progress on a dilemma, ailment, … Continue reading “A Guide to Writing and Publishing A Research Paper”

How To Write A Research Paper Step By Step

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If you are a student who has been assigned to write a research paper, it is essential to know all the steps of writing a research paper. However, before writing a research paper, you need to know, “what is a research paper?” A research paper is an effortless form of academic writing which requires complete information about a particular topic.  It also requires original research of the author. Writing a research paper is complex and time-consuming. Here is a guide to … Continue reading “How To Write A Research Paper Step By Step”

Guidelines to Structure Interview Questions for Qualitative Research

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A scientific method to gather the non-numerical data for a research paper is known as qualitative research. There are different methods to gather data for qualitative research. Some essential methods to gather the data for qualitative research are individual interviews, focus group, observations, and action research. This article by The Academic Papers UK, is a comprehensive guide on the interview question, the types, a template, and examples can be useful for you if you are looking for expert advice. If … Continue reading “Guidelines to Structure Interview Questions for Qualitative Research”

Implementation of Risk Management In the Construction Industry in Developing Countries

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