Different Dissertation Binding Techniques to Know

After writing the dissertation, it is necessary for you to bind all the papers together. There are a lot of binding techniques to bind your dissertation. When you are going to bind your dissertation then you should see a lot of things. In this regard, the first thing is to see the instructions that are provided to you from your university. You should also see the instructions of your supervisor. If you are finding different techniques to bind your dissertation, then this article is very important for you. In this article that is written by a dissertation Proposal writing service, we will tell you different dissertation binding techniques.
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  • Saddle-stitching

It is the one of the easiest method to bind your dissertation. This method is also very economical. In this technique, the papers are folded and stapled together. When you are going to bind your dissertation through this technique, then an ordinary staple is not used. In this technique, a stapler with long jaws that is specially made for saddle-stitching is used. This type of binding is not used for a long written dissertation. This type of dissertation is frequently used to bind the magazines, short dissertations and booklets etc.

  • Section sewn

This is one of the most secure dissertation binding techniques. In this type of binding technique, you are asked to sew different sections of your dissertation separately. These sections are sewn along the spine. The spine is then glued. In this way, all these sections are covered together.

  • Wire binding/spiral binding

In this type of binding technique, the holes are punched through the pages of your dissertation near the bound edge. After making the holes, you should keep the papers together. After keeping the papers together, you should use a wire to bind the dissertation.

  • Cased-in Wiro binding

This type of binding is used to hide the wire of the wire binding. Once, you have used the wire binding to bind your documents then it is necessary for you to use a cover on your documents. In this way, the wire will be hidden and your binding will look very nice.

  • Screw-post binding

This is also an important type of binding. In this type of binding, your documents are folded together. After folding the papers together, two covering boards are used. These covering boards are kept at the front and back. After keeping these covering boards, screws are used to hold the papers together.

  • Japanese binding

It is also an important technique to bind your documents. In this type of binding, it is necessary for you to fold all the papers together. After folding the papers together, it is necessary for you to use soft or hard covering on them. This covering is not a simple one. We should use a decorative covering for it. After keeping the papers in the decorative covering, stitching is used. If you don’t want to use stitching then you can also use the sewn technique for it.

These are the important binding techniques that you should keep in mind in binding the dissertation.