Best Dissertation Books That Will Help You in Writing Your Dissertation

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Dissertation writing is not easy because you will have to face lots of challenges. To write a dissertation, you will have to utilize an extra set of skills. If you have to do other academic tasks along with writing a dissertation, you can lose your concentration and engagement level. Anyhow, if you want to create the best content for your dissertation, you will have to prepare a plan for it. There are lots of books that you can use to … Continue reading “Best Dissertation Books That Will Help You in Writing Your Dissertation”

6000 Words Dissertation Structure – A Detailed Guide for Students

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After knowing the meaning of dissertation and choosing the best topic idea for your dissertation, you will have to start the actual process of writing the dissertation. While crafting the winning dissertation, you should understand the structure of your dissertation. When you will start the process of understanding the structure of your dissertation, you should start with the bigger picture. After understanding the bigger picture, you should briefly describe the core contents of all the chapters of the dissertation. First … Continue reading “6000 Words Dissertation Structure – A Detailed Guide for Students”

50 Interesting Argumentative Topics 2021

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An essay in which you will have to present arguments on both sides of the issue is an argumentative essay. While writing an argumentative essay, you should make sure that you have presented both sides of the essay equally balanced. In some cases, you can explain one side more forcefully than the other side. It depends upon the writers. He can support any side of the essay. The writers should try to write an argumentative essay by following a straightforward … Continue reading “50 Interesting Argumentative Topics 2021”

Short Case Study on Evaluation of Smart and E-Cars

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The launch of smart and e-cars has taken the market by storm and everyone; the customers, as well as the investors, are looking forward to seeing what a difference these new models would make on their pockets as well as the overall economy. While it remained a hot topic when we talked about energy and how it could be utilized to save fuel and the environment, actually having smart cars is certainly creating a stir in the market and leaving … Continue reading “Short Case Study on Evaluation of Smart and E-Cars”

Common Pitfalls of Dissertation Failure You Should Avoid

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Writing a dissertation is one task that students fear a lot; the main reason behind it is a lack of research and writing skills, as well as, insufficient time to focus on the task. Even when they are given weeks and months to work on their dissertations, yet due to one reason or another, they end up losing precious marks for the common mistakes they make in the paper. These mistakes, even though are not very big or significant, can … Continue reading “Common Pitfalls of Dissertation Failure You Should Avoid”

Industries That Made the Most Profit Out of Covid-19

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The coronavirus pandemic was a bad year for the business world over. Widespread layoffs and furloughs prompted about 21% of the US labor force to file for unemployment benefits since mid-March, and economists were forced to say the United States was facing a big recession. Even as the states began to reopen after a long period of lockdown, it is being estimated that many of the jobs that have been lost may never come back. However, what was most surprising … Continue reading “Industries That Made the Most Profit Out of Covid-19”

Top 5 Skills That Can Turn Your Student Life to Professional

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Everyone takes success differently; while for some, achieving academic excellence and knowledge is a success, for others securing a high-paying job and enjoying great perks counts as success. No matter how you look up to success and do in life, you must be a good learner, as well as a performer to do well in the long run. Academic life is all about teaching you the various aspects of what you are studying and how it could benefit you in … Continue reading “Top 5 Skills That Can Turn Your Student Life to Professional”

5 Top Tips for Finding Right References for Academic Project

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To find out the references for your academic project is a real problem for a researcher. If you want to find out the right and authentic references, your troubles will increase further. If we have to increase the authenticity of an academic project, we will have to find out right and authentic references. Before finding the right and authentic references for your research project, you should get an idea about the number of resources that are required for your academic … Continue reading “5 Top Tips for Finding Right References for Academic Project”