The Most Interesting Features That We Are Expecting In Upcoming iPhones

Upcoming iPhones

The iPhone is sophisticated and unbelievable smartphones that are developed by the most well-known companies such as Apple and iPod. According to modern research, the adolescent generation is interested in iPhones. The iPhone is trending in all around the world, especially in the United Kingdom. Here, the professional writers of the cheap dissertation writing services will discuss the most interesting features that we are expecting in the upcoming iPhone. The mainly interesting feature that people are expecting in the upcoming iPhone is the 5.9 LED. Most people are found of high definition LED; therefore, Apple Company has decided to develop high definition LED. Another mainly imperative and amazing feature of the iPhone is the camera. The whole world is revolving around the selfies. We cannot envisage life without a selfie.

Upcoming iPhones

Actually, here is a long strip of interesting features. If we take to the 3D torch, then this is exceptionally old and probably in the entire smartphone. Therefore, it is expecting that 4D touch will be introduced on the iPhone.  Nonetheless, the price of iPhone X is extremely elevated in all around the world. Most people are expecting that the three-lens and the 13MP camera will be introduced in the upcoming iPhone. This is an exceptionally amazing and outstanding feature that should be introduced by Apple Company in the upcoming iPhones. On the other hand, the single-lenses camera custom is extremely old and now people want to utilize new equipment. However, the front and back camera should be the equivalent in the upcoming iPhone. The main camera is most important, therefore, it should be developed about 15MP.

Most people are expecting that the memory card of the iPhone will be Ultra 130GB. This will be surprising for all the people.  Another most significant and fascinating feature of the iPhone is battery life. It is expecting that the battery of the iPhone will be 5000mAH. On the other hand, most people think that fast-charging feature should be settled in the upcoming iPhones.  The fast-charging feature is most admired and well-known all around the world. This amazing feature should be introduced in the upcoming iPhone. Therefore, this is an astounding feature and an interesting feature that is expecting in the upcoming iPhone.

The internet Pod is also an especially interesting feature of the upcoming iPhone. This feature is well used by most people. Therefore, most people, especially, businessman are expecting that” Internet pod “should be charming and easy to use. The portrait method is most important, therefore, this mode should be a high definition in the upcoming iPhone. We are expecting the security feature of the upcoming iPhone should be very strict.  It is expecting that high rumours should be introduced in the fingerprint scanner with the 6.8-inch super screen. However, the 6.8-inch screen will be an amazing and interesting feature that we are expecting in the upcoming iPhone. We are expecting that the upcoming iPhone should be 5G LTE. This is an incredibly amazing feature that should be introduced in the X11 iPhone by Apple.

Undergraduate Dissertation Writing Guide: A-Z of an Undergraduate Dissertation

An undergraduate dissertation is also known as bachelor’s dissertation. An undergraduate dissertation is an essential piece of research about a single subject. Usually, it is written in the final year of a bachelor’s degree and the students are free to choose a topic according to their own area of interest. The students should try to select a narrow topic and try to explore it in more depth rather than in traditional mode. The students will have to select a supervisor of their dissertation from the faculty members. A supervisor acts as a guide during the dissertation writing task. The length of an undergraduate dissertation is considerably short than a master’s dissertation. The students face a lot of difficulties while writing an undergraduate dissertation. The best resource to get dissertation help is the dissertation writing service. A complete guide to writing an undergraduate dissertation is given below;

  • Select an interesting topic

The first and the most important step to write an undergraduate dissertation is to select an interesting topic. Its reason is that after selecting an interesting topic, one can feel it easy to complete the dissertation writing task. On the other hand, if a student selects an odd topic, it is impossible for him to create a monument of an undergraduate dissertation before the deadline. The essential characteristics of an interesting topic are given below;

  1. Your topic should be unique and original
  2. Your topic should be clear and researchable
  3. Your topic should be memorable

In order to select such an interesting topic, first of all, the students should check the requirements of the dissertation. Secondly, the students should get an idea about the type of research methodology. Thirdly, they should select a global research discipline and try to look for the current articles and papers in this global research discipline. Fourthly, the students should try to prepare a list of at least three topic ideas and try to select one of them after getting the views of supervisor, fellows and other experts.

  • Prepare a plan, an outline and a timetable

After selecting an interesting topic for your dissertation, the next step is to create an effective plan and outline to write an undergraduate dissertation. While creating a plan and an outline, first of all, the students should try to define their dissertation writing goals. Secondly, they should determine all the tasks which are necessary to achieve these writing goals. Thirdly, they should organize these tasks and try to develop a strategic plan. At last, they should make sure that their detailed plan should suit their lifestyle. Now, it’s time to prepare a timetable to write a dissertation before the deadline. For example, if you are going to write a dissertation just within a month, you should divide the whole undergraduate dissertation writing task into four parts. These four parts will provide you with a weekly plan. Moreover, you should also try to further divide each part into seven days. This thing will provide you with a daily timetable. You should follow this timetable strictly and try to fulfil the daily goals.

  • Conduct effective research

To write a dissertation, we require 10,000 to 15,000 words and the only way to gather such a huge amount of data is to conduct effective research. The outline provides us with a roadmap to conduct effective research. It is necessary for students to gather data from academic and authentic resources rather than ordinary resources. Its reason is that the authenticity of a dissertation depends upon the authenticity of these resources. Some authentic resources to gather the data for a dissertation are library books, academic catalogues, journal articles, research papers, and authentic websites etc.

  • Analyze the data

After gathering such a huge amount of data from different resources, the students should try to analyze the data and try to keep only that data which is relevant to the objectives of your dissertation. On the other hand, if you include some irrelevant data in your dissertation, it will not be interesting to the audience members because this irrelevant information will become a cause of distraction for the audience members.

  • Write the first draft

After analyzing the data, we should try to prepare the first draft of our dissertation. While preparing the first draft of our dissertation, we should include the information without taking care of the mistakes. Its reason is that these mistakes will be removed while proofreading and editing.

  • Follow the professional structure and format

It is one of the most essential requirements of an undergraduate dissertation that it should be written by following the professional structure and format. You should also try to read out the requirements and guidelines of your advisor regarding the professional structure and format of a dissertation. In the professional structure and format of a dissertation, first of all, we have to write some preliminary pages. These preliminary pages are a title page, acknowledgement, abstract, table of contents, list of figures, and glossary etc. You can also include some other pages according to the requirements and guidelines of your advisor. After the preliminary pages, there come the chapters of a dissertation. The main chapters of an undergraduate dissertation are an introduction, theoretical framework, research design, research results, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, references list and appendices.

  • Proofreading and editing

There is no need to submit a dissertation without proofreading and editing. Its reason is that a dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing and there is a possibility of some mistakes in a dissertation. Due to these mistakes, you will not be able to get the required grades from your advisor. Therefore, before submitting a dissertation, the students should try to proofread and edit it. During proofreading and editing, the students can take an overview of the grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, structure and formatting mistakes of a dissertation. After self-proofreading and editing, the students should also try to get help from experts of dissertation writing services. These experts can easily remove all the mistakes from your dissertation. Moreover, they also provide feedback about the quality of your dissertation.

Interrogative Sentences: Practical Guide To Using These Sentences In Writing

A sentence in which a direct question is asked is known as an interrogative sentence. At the end of an interrogative sentence, a question mark is placed. The interrogative sentences are considered as the most important type of the sentences. There are numerous benefits of interrogative sentences. First of all, these sentences are helpful to gather information. Secondly, these sentences can clear up the confusion. Thirdly, with the help of interrogative sentences, we can engage themselves in the interesting conversation. If you are not able to understand these interrogative sentences, then you can get help from experts in dissertation writing services. A practical guide to using these sentences in writing is given below;

  • Direct and indirect interrogative sentences

We can use interrogative sentences in our writing in numerous ways. First of all, we discuss direct interrogative sentences. These sentences are usually used with the help of the inverted order of the words and we place a question mark at the end of these sentences. An example of a direct interrogative sentence is given below;

Where is he going for dinner?

After the direct interrogative sentences, there come indirect interrogative sentences. In these sentences, there is no need to invert the order of the words and these interrogative sentences are also written without question marks. An example of an indirect interrogative sentence is given below;

I wonder where he is going for dinner.

  • Interrogative with the auxiliary verb

We can use both auxiliary and normal verbs in the interrogative sentences. If we are going to use auxiliary verbs in the interrogative sentences, then there is no need to use do, does or did. Its example is given below;

Can I help you?

On the other hand, if you are using a normal verb in an interrogative sentence, then you will have to add do, does or did. Its example is given below;

Is she talking?

The interesting thing about these interrogative sentences is that we will have to invert the order of words and to add the question mark in both cases.

  • W-H interrogative

To make the W-H interrogative sentences, first of all, we will have to include W-H. Secondly, there comes an auxiliary verb. Thirdly, there comes subject and at last, there comes the main verb. An example of this kind of interrogative sentence is given below;

When is he going?

  • How

We can use ‘How’ in numerous ways to prepare the interrogative sentences. Some of them are given below;

  • We can use it to ask something about a person. i.e.

How do you prepare for the exam?

  • If we want to ask the degree of an attribute, then we can use it with the help of a degree. i.e.

How old is your car?

  • If we want to ask about quantity, then we can use ‘much’ or ‘many’ with ‘how’. i.e.

How many people are in the park?

How much water do we need?

  • If we want to inquire about the frequency of an object, then we can use ‘how’ in the following way;

How quickly can you drive the bike?

10 Learning And Revision Habits Of Top Students

If you want to become a top student, you should follow these 10 learning and revision habits.  Let us discuss 10 learning and revision habits of top students.

  • Get the examiner ‘report

It is a very useful habit that you can follow. Get the examiner report and memorize it. Make sure to criticize each subject and marks. It is a learning tip that opens a new horizon of knowledge.  A teacher can tell you about your success.

  • Follow discipline of the organization

A good scholar always follows the discipline of any organization. It means a student must follow the stringent timetable for study and follow the directions of teachers, parents, and coaches in their day-to-day life. A top student always maintains a cordial association with teachers and class fellows.

  • Take part in social activities

Social circle is the point to gain success in life. If you want to become a top student, you should take part in social activities. Top students focus on studies and extra-curricular behaviour properly.

  • Establish a timetable

Top students pursue the timetable. A good student is the prospect leader of any country. Most of the time teachers, parents, and society want to transport the best out of the students but in their own way. However, in this quest occasionally they do them harm. A study plan is a key to success in the exam.

  • Sharp observation

They want to attain the target of over-all character development. Even as participating in these activities they never fail to notice their studies and manage all in a balanced way. Top students have always-sharp surveillance that helps them to become intelligent. Top students are able to grip all the situations in life.

  • Eats well and healthy

He always holds A+ grade in the consequences. In the situations of natural calamities such as an earthquake, flood, and drought, they offer military to their fellow beings even at the cost of their studies. Humanity is above all for a high-quality student. Top students forever try to learn by methods. They have a bottomless sense of accountability for their studies.

  • Knowledge starvation

Top students always stay in pursuit of acquaintance. Top students are starvation for knowledge. Top students have a pointed mind to acquire knowledge. You should find knowledge in every book and everyplace.

  • Reputation and use of colours

Top students always learn a topic by reputation and with colours. You should use colours for different topics. It is another best habit of top students.

  • Motivation and stay focused

A top student stays focused on the studies. If you want to become a top student, you should build motivation for learning things. Get plenty of water to stay focused on studies. You should adopt this beautiful and amazing habit.

  • Master answering techniques

You should learn the answering technique from past papers. Be careful about answering different questions. Practice makes perfect to everything. You should check your syllabus and ask a question to the teachers. Top students use mind maps for revision.

Hire A Professional PhD Dissertation Writer Online With The Academic Papers UK

A dissertation is a module of assessment for the teachers and this module of assessment is different from the other module of assessments. While writing a dissertation, a student will have to select a suitable topic idea, a literature review, and research methodology. At the end of the dissertation, he will have to present his findings. There are a lot of students who are not able to create such a monument of their dissertation and they try to hire a professional dissertation writer. The best way to hire a professional dissertation writer is to contact with the PhD dissertation writing services.

Nowadays, there is a lot of writing services are available on the internet which are providing the dissertation writing services to the students. Now it is a real problem for the students to find out a reliable dissertation writing service. To my extent, The Academic Papers UK is the best writing service which is providing the best writing services to the students. No doubt, a question comes to the minds of the students that how this writing service is the best writing service than the others. The answer to this question is explained below;

As we know that the quality of a dissertation depends upon the quality of the writers and this writing service has professional dissertation writers. These professional dissertation writers have acquired degrees from the best universities in the UK and they have enough experience in the dissertation writing tasks. Due to this experience and qualification, they can easily identify your area of interest, they can also explore your topic, they can also define your research questions, they can produce efficient knowledge relevant to your topic idea, they can create a monument of your project from the beginning to the end, and they can also consolidate your intellectual skills.

You can easily hire a professional writer with this writing service. You just need to contact their customer representatives through 24/7 customer support service at any time without any time limitation. After contact with them, you just need to tell your subject and their customer representatives will contact you with the professional writer relevant to your subject. Its reason is that it is a team of expert and professional writers of all the subjects. That’s why this writing service is known for its best quality content. On the other hand, other writing services have limited writers and they try to provide the dissertation writing services of all the subjects with the help of these writers. Due to the lack of subject knowledge, they are not able to create the best quality content.

These professional writers have a high turn over time. Due to this high turn over time, they can easily provide a monument of your dissertation before the deadline. If we take an overview of their prices, then we come to know that they are providing the best quality content to the students at the most affordable prices. Moreover, they are also providing a lot of guarantees to their customers. In these guarantees, there come money-back guarantee, plagiarism free content, on-time delivery and confidential guarantee.

Why Students Are Looking To Buy a Dissertation Proposal Online?

A research proposal is one of the main imperative documents of the academic writing. A research proposal is the most concise and accurate summary of the research. A research proposal project or a research proposal outline is the main area of study. This also helps the readers to understand your current state of knowledge. A research proposal is not an easy task for all the students.

Communicate and express complex ideas

You can do that by showing that you can communicate and express complex ideas in a very unique manner.  Writing a dissertation proposal is not an easy task for all the students. Therefore, most students are looking to buy a dissertation proposal online. It is the best opportunity to buy a dissertation proposal online. Let us discuss the benefits of buying a dissertation online by dissertation proposal writing service. Our dissertation writing service is providing you help in writing your dissertation proposal. We are giving you high quality of dissertation proposal help that can increase your grades.

Guidelines in choosing dissertation proposal Title

Students are looking to buy a dissertation proposal for taking guidelines for writing a title. Don’t worry if you’re not glad along with your title in writing the proposal. The title will perpetually be makeshift and altered. Ensure that your title is incredibly well chosen. The title is one in all the foremost vital and impactful components of the complete proposal. Ensure it’s worthy.

Help in writing a dissertation proposal Abstract

The abstract of your proposal should contain a brief and elliptic statement of the analysis you wish to try and do. The abstract you write shouldn’t be over most of one hundred words. This can be vital if you wish to impress your tutor. The trick lies in; however, you’ll be able to exactly write an entire abstract in as fewer words as attainable. This may be written within the sort of a pair of sentences light what the most drawback of your proposal is. This may be the central drawback you wish to handle in your proposal.

Guidance in Research Context

It is vital that you should justify the background against your analysis. You wish to incorporate or mention a short summary of the final plan of study among your apparent analysis falls. This not solely permits you to demonstrate a way of familiarity, but, it is able to communicate clearly and in an elliptic manner.

The significance of analysis in the dissertation proposal

This is virtually one in all the foremost vital components of your entire analysis proposal. That is why you wish to be able to update others why your analysis is vital. You’ll be able to do that by as well as examples, explaining the importance of your analysis, etc. If you’re conjointly a student World Health Organization that is presently facing problems in writing analysis proposals, then don’t worry. Dissertation writing service is one in all the simplest services which might facilitate your analysis proposals and connected content. You should buy your dissertation proposal from our dissertation writing service.

Role of E-Learning to Complete Your Masters Education

E-Learning is a very simple term and its meaning is to learn something with the help of technology rather than relying on the traditional classrooms. There are a lot of E-Learning programs are available on the internet. With the help of these programs, the students can complete an online course, program or even a degree. In these E-Learning courses, the students will be able to get online lectures from the professors rather than getting recorded lectures. If you don’t have enough idea about E-Learning, then you can get help from experts in academic writing services. The role of E-Learning to complete a master’s education is explained below;

  • It can accommodate the needs of a student

E-Learning is the best and a suitable method of getting an education for the students. With the help of the digital evaluation of the E-Learning, it is easy for the students to access, consume, discuss and share the knowledge of master’s education. It is also easy for the housewives and office goers to take these kinds of online courses. Its reason is that they can set their suitable time. Due to this kind of comfort and availability of these online courses, it is easy for the students to take these courses in the evening or nighttime.

  • Lectures can be taken any number of times

In the traditional classroom teaching, there is no chance for the students to get access to a missing or difficult lecture for the second time. As a result, you will have to prepare a missing topic on your own. On the other hand, if we discuss the E-Learning, then we come to know that it provides a chance for the students to attend a missing lecture whenever they want.

  • The students can get access to an updated content

If we talk about the prime benefits of E-Learning, then we come to know that with the help of E-Learning, we can get synchronization with modern learners. This thing will enable the students to get access to such knowledge which is easily accessible to them. Due to this kind of updated knowledge with the help of E-Learning, it is easy for the students to acquire a master’s degree with distinction.

  • Quick delivery of lessons

In the traditional classroom structure, we can’t even imagine the quick delivery of the lectures. Its reason is that these classes are held on their times and the lectures are also delivered within the time. On the other hand, if we talk about the E-Learning, then we come to know that their method and cycle of delivering the lectures is quicker than the traditional classroom structure. According to a calculation, the students can easily save up to 25%-60% time with the help of E-Learning than a traditional classroom. This saved time can be spent on the preparation of the exams. As a result, it provides a chance to the students to get the best grades in the master’s degree.

Stability, consistency and reduced costs are also some essential benefits of e-learning while completing your master’s education.

A Practical Guide To Writing A Complete Nursing Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task especially when it is about nursing. The reason is that nursing is quite irrelevant to tasks such as dissertation writing. Therefore, it becomes difficult for nursing students to write an effective dissertation. Through this article, nursing students can learn how to write a nursing dissertation. Moreover, it will help you to improve your writing skills. The nursing dissertation requires the students to submit high-quality in a very short duration. Moreover, you need to ensure that, whatever you write is clear, concise and in detail. A good nursing dissertation is a way to present your organization and current work. Writing good nursing dissertation requires a systematic approach. You should follow all these tips to write a good nursing dissertation. Before writing a nursing dissertation, you should understand the topic.

Importance of nursing dissertation

Most nursing students find it difficult when they get the task of writing a nursing dissertation. However, the task is given to the students as it would help them in the future. Writing a nursing dissertation is most important for all the students. You should keep in mind some aspects while writing a nursing dissertation.

  • You learn to integrate information from many sources
  • You learn how to balance between analysis and description
  • You learn to discuss the theoretical issues in detail through the help of examples

A guide to writing a nursing dissertation

  • Chapter one

Structure of a nursing dissertation

A nursing dissertation needs of the clear and coherent structure. With the help of the structure, the nursing dissertation writer can remain focused on the topic. Moreover, you can discuss the main arguments in the whole structure. A good structure is most important in the nursing dissertation. You should focus on the structure of your dissertation.

  • Chapter two

 Introduction of the nursing dissertation

In the introduction, you can introduce the topic of your nursing dissertation. The introduction is the most important part of your nursing dissertation. You should write an effective introduction to your assignment. A good introduction will give you good grades. The introduction is the first lines of your nursing dissertation. You should use a uniform format while you record patient identification data. The uniform format is the best tip for writing a nursing dissertation. Create some point of every record with patient identification data. Every entry should write with full name, the date and time of the report.

  • Chapter three

Literature Review

The literature review is another most important chapter of the nursing dissertation. The literature review gives an in-depth analysis of the topic. It also identifies the grasp in knowledge and concludes with the identification of the main points. You should notice of every object to write a good nursing dissertation. Write your notes in twenty-four hours on the patient’s care. You should keep in mind time limit for checking a patient. In the literature review, you should remain objective. Write down exclusively what you see and listen. Avoid noting subjective comments or giving your own explanation on the patient’s condition. In the writing of the nursing dissertation, you should avoid copying the sections of literature. You should remain objective to write a nursing dissertation.

  • Chapter four

Methodology in the nursing dissertation

The methodology chapter is another most important chapter in the nursing dissertation. It describes the detail of the study. It can explain theoretical frameworks, sampling, setting, ethical and approvals.  You should explain all the detail in the methodology. It can explain all the methods of the nursing dissertation. It is another best angle to write a nursing dissertation. Write everything necessary you hear related to a patient’s health throughout conversations with members of the family, doctors, and alternative nurses. You should design communication with quotation marks. You should ignore all trivial information in your nursing dissertation. If you want to write a good nursing dissertation, you should ignore all trivial information in the assignment. You should write everything in your nurse’s assignment about your patient’s health. Do not note data on your chart that does not pertain to their immediate care.

Keep it simple: You should write a nursing dissertation in simple word. Doctors and nurses will be ready to shift patients you should notice their actions. Focus only on specific data relevant to symptoms you are charting. Do not get into depth on the patient’s anamnesis. You should use simple words in the nursing dissertation.

Chapter five

Results in writing a nursing dissertation

Another most important chapter of the nursing dissertation is the results. The results chapter explains all you’re finding in the dissertation. It is a most important part of the nursing dissertation. In the results chapter, tables are used to verify the data of the dissertation.

Write clear:  You should write a nursing dissertation clearly. A clear nursing dissertation will help you to gain good grades. Once you write notes, create a shot to stay your handwriting clear and legible. Unreadable handwriting will cause a patient receiving the incorrect medication. This could have serious, or maybe fatal, consequences. Standard nurses notes typically embrace a gap note, middle notes, and a closing note. In these notes, you ought to note any primary or secondary issues about a patient. You should record and write data clearly. It will be helpful for a patient. Indicate if many tests are required and embrace a possible identification of their condition.

Chapter six

Discussion in the nursing dissertation

The discussion is another most important part of a nursing dissertation chapter. You should discuss all the detail in the last chapter. It also includes the limitations and implications for practice and future research. The discussion chapter also includes a short conclusion. It also highlights the main point of the entire nursing dissertation. You can write all the key points in the discussion chapter. A discussion chapter is also called the last chapter of the nursing dissertation. It is last but most important part of the nursing dissertation.

Click here for further information about the nursing dissertation.

How To Write a Good Outline Of Your Dissertation

In a dissertation, it is necessary for the students to organize their ideas and information. A plan that provides a roadmap to organize your research ideas and information in the form of a dissertation is known as an outline. To write an outline for a dissertation, the organizational skills of a student should be impressive. After creating a successful outline for your dissertation, you will be in a better position to develop a logical and coherent structure for your dissertation. If you don’t know how to write an outline for a dissertation, then you can get help from dissertation writing services. Some essential tips to write a good outline of your dissertation are given below;

  • Choose your topic and establish your purpose

The topic is considered one of the most important components of a dissertation. The first step to write a dissertation outline is to choose your topic. This topic will establish an idea about the main purpose of writing a dissertation. Its reason is that the main goal or objective of a dissertation is helpful for the students to set all the guidelines and limitations to create a monument of an outline. The main focus of a dissertation can also be generated from the main question of a dissertation.

  • Create a list of main ideas

It is a fact that before going to commence any kind of academic paper, it is necessary for the students to brainstorm the ideas. This brainstorming is helpful for the students to generate all the main ideas to write an academic paper. These main ideas are considered as essentials of an outline. Therefore, while creating the outline of a dissertation, it is also an unavoidable thing to you to brainstorm the main ideas about the topic. These main ideas can be in the form of arguments, possible answers to the research questions and a list of some authentic resources.

  • Organize your main ideas

Once, you have gathered enough main ideas about the topic of your dissertation, then the next step is to organize these ideas. These main ideas should be arranged in a coherent and logical manner. These are a lot of strategies are adopted to organize these ideas in the form of an outline. For an outline of a dissertation, the cause and effect is the best technique for you to organize all the ideas.

  • Flush out your main points

After arranging all the main points of your dissertation in a coherent and logical manner, the next step is to find out some additional information in order to expand these main points. This information should be presented in such a manner that your readers can easily understand the main theme of your dissertation. In order to support your arguments, it is also an unavoidable thing to you to include relevant examples, quotes and evidence. No doubt, this is a tedious step to write a dissertation but it is an essential too. Its reason is that this step is helpful for the students to provide an easy drafting for a dissertation.

10 Tips To Improve Your English Writing Skills For Writing Better Essays And Assignments

Writing an English essay or assignment is not a difficult task. However, a student fails to write an impressive English essay due to lack of writing skills. You should focus on some aspects to improve your essay writing skills. Many students have great ideas to post in their essay. However, they do not have good essay writing skills to explain their ideas. Students often fail to express their ideas in the essay. You should improve your English writing skills for writing better essays and assignments.
Here are top 10 tips to improve your English writing skills for writing better essays and assignment.

  1. Expand your vocabulary

Vocabulary plays an important role in enhancing any writer’s piece of work. A                 student with the vocabulary can write a good essay. Moreover, the use of more vocabulary displays your brainpower.

  1. Have a native English speaker

You should meet up with a friend who is fluent in English. This friend can edit your essay and point out any repetitive errors. If you do not have any friend who is fluent in English, you can use Lang -8 is a free site where native English speakers will correct your writing.

  1. Learn grammar

Grammar is very important, because, it improves the quality of your writing. Grammar decides the quality of your essay. You should improve your grammar to write an impressive essay. You should learn grammar to avoid any mistake. You can learn grammar from your old high school grammar book.

  1. Create a word bank

This is an interesting approach to writing your essay. First, choose a topic and write a thesis. A thesis is the main argument of your essay. For example, if your topic is reading, your thesis might be “reading makes you smarter.”

  1. Use correct Tenses

Always use the appropriate tense and remember to use punctuation. Punctuation is a great way to make your writing clear and fluent.

  1. Read regularly

It is sure that a good reader can become a good writer. Therefore, in order to improve your essay writing skills, you need to read many essays. Reading in English is useful in many ways. It is a great way to get an idea of different styles of writing and see how to use words appropriately. You should read regularly to improve your English.

  1. Write to the point and simple

Do not use advanced words in your essay. Keep it as simple as possible. You should write to the point and simple words in your essay.

  1. Proofread your essay

You should proofread your essay. It will help you in deciding what to exclude. You should remove unnecessary words in your essay.

  1. Some ways to expand vocabulary

You can progress your vocabulary in a subsequent way:

  • Continuous reading
  • Make use of phrasebook
  • Read a new word daily
  1. Don’t change tense in between sentences

Many writers make this mistake by changing tense in between the post. Do not change tense in between sentences.