Best Tips for Parents to Help their Children Succeed Academically – Part II

Best Tips for Parents

In part I, we have discussed some important tips that can prove to be really useful for parents who want to help their children succeed academically and take them forward in life. The main aim behind providing these tips is to make parents aware of their role as mentors and teachers and ensure good parenting for their children.


As discussed, it is important for the parents to keep their eyes and ears open and see which way their children are going and what they are doing and if they are making right decisions in regard to their children’s future and success. Imparting the best education to their children is not easy and parents need to be really careful and work hard to achieve their goals the best way. This is the second part which continues to bring parents some great tips on how to help their children in getting the Phd dissertation writing services, best education and succeeding in their class and their future:


Monitor the Child’s Progress in Collaboration with Teacher:

While children spend a lot of time with their parents, they also spend a lot of time with their teachers who are their guides and mentors and it is necessary for the parents to work in collaboration with the teachers and keep an eye on their child’s academic progress. There might be times when parents might not agree with the teachers’ assessment or their decisions but it is necessary to work with the teacher and talk to them about things which upset or confuse them to ensure the best for their children.


Help to Increase the Child’s Vocabulary:

The parents should play an active part in their children’s education and make efforts to increase their vocabulary by helping them learn with books, magazines and other resources which are fun and help children increase their knowledge. Providing children with challenging words, crosswords and other such means plays a key role in developing their mental skills which help them in learning as they grow up.


Set Up Time for Homework as well as Recreation:

These days’ children are so much overburdened by homework and other academic activities that they do not get time for recreation so there is need to help children academically. It can be anything from physical activity to some mental activity as it helps students relax and rejuvenates their minds as well as bodies.  It is important to ensure completion of homework but along with this, it is also important to make time for recreation.


Enjoy the Benefits of Technology:

There are many parents who think that advancing technology is bad for children but along with its negative effects, it also has some benefits and it is important for parents to recognize these benefits and help their children make the most of them. The children can learn new ways of learning with help of technology and learn many new things at home without going out and parents can also participate in these activities with their children, at the same time keeping an eye on what their child is doing.

Best Tips for Parents to Help their Children Succeed Academically – Part 1

Best Tips for Parents

All parents want success and progress for their children and they want their children to succeed in every sphere of their live. However, they must also know that success is not something that can be gained from will, it is earned through hard work and determination and it stands true in all fields of life including academic and others.


Parents are the main and the most influencing factor in children’s life and they are not the child’s first teacher but also the most affecting ones. The parents spend a far greater amount of time with their child than any teacher in any school and it is the parents who make the biggest difference of whether or not the child will be successful or not.


Parents make the biggest difference of whether or not a child will be successful academically. Research has proven that a higher level of parental involvement results in greater academic success. It is not easy for parents to work hard to that extent and takes a lot of work on their part to make certain they provide their child all the opportunities to succeed in life. This article brings some of the best tips for parents which can enable them to help their children succeed academically by getting MBA dissertation writing services and get the best results for their life.


Reading, Reading and More Reading:

Reading is the most important and the most crucial part of a child’s education and this cannot be overstated. It should be the first priority in every household and parents should make sure that their children read themselves or listen to their parents reading. Reading should be made a fun and enjoyable experience which helps children to become good readers and takes them on path to success.


Understanding of Education:

There are many parents who think that their children can read or write because they can speak the language fluently. This is wrong because comprehension is more valuable than fluency and it plays a key role in helping children understand what they are being taught about different paper format styles and how they should perceive the content.


Make Children Understand the Value of Education:

Research says that those children are more likable to succeed whose parents instill the value of good education in their children. The children will value education and learning if they know their parents value them and work for better grades. Parents should ensure that school and learning are their first priority and do not let other things get in the way of hard work and good grades as this is one thing which will remain with no matter how much they grow up.


Keep in Touch with the Children’s Teachers:

The parents should keep an eye on their child’s progress in home schooling and make sure they talk to their teachers on regular basis and attend the parent teacher meetings where they get firsthand information regarding their child’s progress and get to know how their child is doing in the class among other children. This helps the parents understand their child’s learning process and development.