How To Write A Research Paper Step By Step

How To Write A Research Paper

If you are a student who has been assigned to write a research paper, it is essential to know all the steps of writing a research paper. However, before writing a research paper, you need to know, “what is a research paper?” A research paper is an effortless form of academic writing which requires complete information about a particular topic.  It also requires original research of the author.


Writing a research paper is complex and time-consuming. Here is a guide to writing a research paper step by step.

Step 1:  Select a Topic

Sometimes students feel it difficult to select a research paper topic.  You should choose an interesting topic. Don’t choose technical and general topic. For example, if your topic is about “modern generation involvement” or “social media “then you should highlight its impact and benefits on modern generation.

Selecting an interesting topic may be a daunting task but you should focus on main points. Don’t hesitate to select informative as well as the functional topic. The topic line should be written in a pithy and epigrammatic style.

Step 2: Work On the Thesis Statement

A thesis statement should be argumentative and persuasive. Writing a good thesis statement is a difficult task; however, it should be concise and reflect reality.

If you want to show the main purpose of your writing then conducting a thesis statement is most essential. The right place of writing a thesis statement is the last lines of the first paragraph. It may be applied in the last introduction.

You should devote enough time to creating a strong and good thesis statement in order to clear your purpose. Collect much evidence in order to support your claim. Expose all the information that you have collected.

Step 3: Do Research On Your Topic

Although, selecting a topic is difficult, yet researching on your topic is another complicated task, therefore, give enough time to do good research on your topic. Collect all information related to your topic and make sure that you are giving all the basic information in your work.

Most students do not make good research on their topic; therefore, they lost their grades. If you want to write a high-quality research paper then you should spend your precious time on making good research. Adopt a citation technique and write in APA, MLA, and HARVARD style. You should evaluate your resources and make your notes in order to gain good grades.

In order to credible primary resources, you should read all the notes very carefully. Adopt additional and specific style to give references to your main points. Write plagiarism free work and adopt a specific style.

Step 4: Write An Impressive Outline

Writing an impressive and informative outline is another essential step that you should keep in mind while you are thinking about writing a research paper. After making a good research, you are able to give an aggressive tone to your ideas.

Composing an outline has been a difficult task for all the students but you should not lose the main points. Set an image in your mind and make an outline.

In the research paper, you cannot present a jumble of thoughts; therefore, you should organize all your thoughts and divide into heading and sub-headings. Include interesting information in your typical research paper. You should follow the structure of a research paper that is given below:

  • A title page
  • An abstract
  • An introduction
  • Methodology section
  • Findings
  • Discussing
  • conclusion

Step 5: Write Introduction

Drafting the first paragraph is called introducing. Generally, introduction means all basic and important information that you are going to write in the next sections. Writing good information is the soul and body of a research paper. Good and impressive points in the introductions section can increase your grades; therefore, you should draft the first paragraph very carefully.

Writing a good and informative introduction is most essential, because, the introduction is the first section that people want to check firstly in your research paper. Add a good title in your first draft and make sure that your draft is concise. Here are some basic points that you should keep in mind while you are writing the introduction of a research paper.

  • The introduction should be attention-grabbing
  • It should consist of the proactive question
  • In the form of statistical
  • It should provide the usual facts.
  • The introduction should be informative

Step 6: Write the Body Of Research Paper

The body of a research paper should consist of some paragraph. Each paragraph should highlight a specific point. Don’t make the jumble of words. Write each paragraph very carefully and clear your points in each paragraph. You should make a change in the body. It is a place where you can explain all your points. You should provide relevant evidence in order to give power to your points. Highlight your key points in the middle paragraph of your research paper.

Step 7: Write Impressive Conclusion

Most students consider that conclusion is the restart of the thesis statement. However, you should keep in mind that the conclusion is the end of your research paper. You should provide a basic recommendation in the last section. Don’t skip basic information in the conclusion part. However, the conclusion is not a place where you will rewrite important points. If you want to gain good grades then you should write an impressive conclusion.

Step 8: Edit And Proofread

Don’t imagine that your research paper is completed without editing and proofreading. This is the most essential and important step, therefore, never miss it. We often make many mistakes in a hurry while we are writing a paper. Proofreading and editing give a chance to make our research paper perfect and error-free. Check spelling mistakes, comma use, incomplete sentences, daggling modifier, passive voice sentences, verb, and adjective mistakes very carefully and then collect all these mistakes. After proofreading and editing your research papers submit it and gain relaxation.

How a Student Can Use a Dissertation Proposal In The Final Dissertation Write Up

A dissertation proposal is very important in students’ academic life. Therefore, the instructor first needs to submit dissertation proposal. You can start on your dissertation after successful approval of your proposal. Therefore, a dissertation is the first step toward your dissertation success. A dissertation is one of the most important parts of an academic life of a student. Therefore, students should score good grades in their dissertation proposal. A student can use a dissertation proposal in the final dissertation write up. The best dissertation proposal can give you good grades. A dissertation proposal leaves an effective impression on your readers.

What is the dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal is an academic document that students submit before they start work on their final dissertation. It contains all the ideas and plans for the final dissertation. Therefore, students should submit the final document to their teachers for their approval. After the submission of a dissertation proposal, the supervisor accesses the idea and plans of the students. Hence, the supervisor approves the proposal if the idea looks useful. A proposal is similar to a table content of your final dissertation. It helps you roughly identify the topic you intend to examine. It should include every detail about your final dissertation plans and ideas. You can use a dissertation proposal for your final dissertation write up. It is most important part of your dissertation. It helps you to identify the direction of your dissertation.

Importance of Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal has its own importance as we have seen earlier.

  • It helps to communicate your dissertation idea to your supervisor.
  • Dissertation proposal shows your capability to your supervisor.
  • Dissertation proposal helps to carry out a research study that is knowledgeable, comprehension, and effectiveness.
  • Dissertation proposal prepares you for your dissertation.

What does a Dissertation Proposal Contain?

Whenever you work on your dissertation proposal, you need to ensure that you include the following:

  1. Why does one would like the research?
  2. What does one understand it already?
  3. What is the matter that you simply wish to focus in your study?
  4. Where can you conduct your research?
  5. When can you conduct your research?
  6. Whom can you study?
  7. Who can study the dissertation?

The structure of a dissertation proposal

The dissertation proposal that you submit to your supervisor should have a good structure. Only with a proper structure, you will get the approval for your dissertation. The elements play a vital role in the structure of a dissertation proposal. Some elements are: methods, literature review, expected outcomes, timeline, objectives and bibliography.

Here are some essential elements of a dissertation proposal.

Dissertation title: Dissertation title shows all the main points in your dissertation. It is the most important part of your dissertation. You should have a title that is to the point.

Objectives: You should have a narrow area of research. Therefore, if you have more than three objectives, your research area becomes too broad.

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