Evolution Of Technology Within The Uk Retail Banking Sector

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With the advancements, Technology is continually immersed in the daily routines and has revolutionised significantly Retail Banking in the UK. The technology is enhancing the service delivery of the banking sector worldwide. The study aims to demonstrate the emergence and developments of technological advancements in Retail Banking in the UK by using the “Diffusion Theory of Technology”. The study relies on using both quantitative and qualitative research designs, mixed methodology to examine how technological advancement has influenced Retail banking in the UK. Data is obtained from secondary sources considering reliable and authentic journals, websites, news, and published documents. The quantitative data gathered is analysed through statistical tools such as SPSS and qualitative data obtained is analysed through content analysis. The findings exhibit that technology has notably improved and enhanced the operational activities of Retail Banking in the UK. The banking operations are now conducting speedy, efficiently, and effectively around the UK. With the adaption of the technology, better quality service delivery is provided. Technology has made possible the accessibility of banking services within the comfort area of the user. The study recommends that proper training in using and adopting technology must be provided to the employees to avoid their resistance to the adaption of the technology. The findings of this research are limited to the geographical area of the UK.

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