Palliative Care in Acute Hospital Settings in UK

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In previous decade, the significant change has been observed in shifting the delivery of palliative care from the healthcare settings to hospice and community-based settings and change is needed for ensuring that better patient is provided within the hospitals (Paes et al., 2018). Several researches have been conducted that have highlighted the dire need for better palliative care in acute hospital settings due to the severity of the patient's condition (Richards, Ingleton, and Gott, 2012; Gott et al., 2013). Moreover, access to high-quality palliative care has come to be an increased concern in the public health policy of the UK whereas policymakers have highlighted the importance of palliative care in hospital settings (Vanbutsele et al., 2018). It is because the majority of deaths in the UK have occurred in acute hospitals and the number of expected to increase in coming years (Richards, Ingleton, and Gott, 2012). This assignment is based on a systematic literature search were two studies, one qualitative and one quantitative, have been chosen for analysing palliative care in critical/acute hospital settings in the UK. Hence, a systematic search has been conducted using appropriate databases such as CINAHL, PubMed, and ProQuest. Both the researches have been analysed by using Holland and Rees (2010) critiquing framework. Their limitations, contributions as well as strengths have been discussed in the assignment.

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