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Terms and Conditions | Policies of The Academic Papers UK


Our Terms and Conditions

Our Agreement to Serve As Agency with You (Customer).

By placing an order at, you are making an agreement with The Academic Papers UK. It is important for you to read our terms and conditions carefully. You should also understand that by placing an order at our website means that you agree with our terms and conditions.

    1. The Company acts as an agency that the customer appoints to get his/her order completed by an expert in the field.
    2. The Company is liable to get the order completed within the given time frame meeting all the requirements as provided by the Customer in the order form.
    3. The Company is entitled to refuse any order in case a suitable expert not available and in this case, the Company will refund any payment made by the Customer in respect of that order.
    4. In a case, if the customer is not satisfied, the Company will take necessary actions as described below in this agreement.

1. Privacy Policy:

1.1: The Academic Papers UK is responsible to keep the privacy of the customer secret. His/Her personal or email details, payment, or anything which may reveal his/her identity, will not be shared with any 3rd party at any cost.

1.2: Some pages like our “Contact Us” page and “Order Now” page requires identity details like customer name, email address, address, and phone number to interact until the order is completed. The customer is liable to provide all the details accurately so that company may verify if the customer is genuine and placing an order from his/her own personal credit card or any other payment method. The Academic Papers UK assures that these details will only be used to verify the payment details or to interact with the customer till the completion of the order. These details will not be used for any other purpose.

1.3: We provide our customers with the facility of direct communication with their assigned writers via official email IDs which are assigned to writers by the company. No other communication way is allowed and telephonic communication with writers or asking telephone numbers of writers is prohibited. As per terms and conditions, this is to assure the identity of the customer as well as our writer is secure. Hence the customer can contact the writer either through email IDs of the writer or through online customer support chat which is available 24/7.

1.4: We keep running our online services on paid hosting and promise that our customer representatives are online 24/7 however in case of scheduled maintenance on our servers, if customer support representatives are offline then you may communicate with them through our customer support representatives email which is, or WhatsApp No +44(121) 286-2211.

2. Order Process:

2.1: While placing an order with The Academic Papers UK, the customer will have to provide all the information like email, address, phone number accurately. Failure to provide the original details will result in canceling the contract which means canceling the order.

2.2: While placing the order, the customer needs to briefly describe the requirements of the paper and attach all the sources/documents which may be helpful for the writer to understand the topic. Furthermore, if the customer has library access then he/she can provide the library access details so that the writer may get any information required to complete the paper however providing library access is optional. The customer has the right to not disclose the library access details with us. In this case, the writer will get all the information related to the course himself.

2.3: The customer is required to pay the full amount for the order in advance. However, upon request from the customer and after mutual agreement, a custom discounted price link is generated (if available) else the customer is required to make full payment.

2.4: We prefer payment in full however there is an option for the customers to pay in two installments. For this purpose, a customer can discuss with our customer support representatives and pay accordingly. We offer our customers to pay only 2 installments. 1st installment will be paid instantly while placing an order while the 2nd installment will be paid after getting the first draft of the paper.

2.5: As soon as the company receives the payment from the customer, a writer is assigned to work on the paper of the customer. The Customer can ask any question directly from the writer. However in case if the customer is not satisfied with the writer then the customer may ask customer support representatives to change the writer and hence a new writer will be assigned to work on the paper of the customer.

3. Delivery of Service:

3.1: The company is liable to provide the services on time or even before the delivery deadline. However, in certain situations, which are not under the control of humans like a storm or any other disaster, providing us wrong email contact in the order form or any other issues like the customer has changed the writer or order requirements near the deadline then the order delivery can be late. Instead of all these issues, the customer will get his/her order on time.

3. 2: Since we are operating 24/7, the deadline for submission includes weekends and national holidays (UK). This is to facilitate customers and fulfill our promise of service delivery i.e 24/7/365.

3.3: All the completed papers are sent via email ID provided by the customer in the order form after agreeing with terms and conditions. When the completed order is sent from us, the customer is responsible to download it as soon as possible. In some cases using spam filters or any other firewalls by the customer, the order appears in Spam or Junk emails. The customer needs to check from there. Any issues being occurred from the customer’s ISP, we will not be responsible and the customer will be billed.

4. Verification Process:

4.1: We use a third-party payment processor (Bluesnap). Sometimes their anti-fraud system rejects the order and payment received from the customer due to using location or IP which is suspected.

5. Revision Policy:

5.1: We work to provide the best services and provide guaranteed satisfaction to customers. To facilitate our customers, the company is liable to provide unlimited revisions of completed paper until 15 days of completion of the order. These revisions will be provided free of cost.

5.2: In case if the customer has not asked for any revision till 45 days after completion of the order then after 15 days, the customer will need to pay extra cost for revision.

5.3: It is important to note that the writer requires time to cater to a revision request according to its nature and requirements which may vary from 24 hours to 3 or 4 days.

5.4: The customer can also set a timeframe for revision as per his/her needs.

5.5: In case of the revision requires an additional word count than the original order or major changes, the writer may ask for payment accordingly.

6. Refund Terms and Conditions:

6.1: In case if the customer has made the payment twice due to server error or browsing issue or any other issue, The Academic Papers UK will issue a refund for one payment that was paid by mistake while the company will keep the other payment which is genuine and paid to buy its services.

6.2: The company will issue a full refund only if plagiarism is found over 30%. Please note that in such a case, you will need to provide us the Turnitin plagiarism check report. Without proof of plagiarist, it will not be accepted and no refund will be issued.

6.3: In case if you get a low quality (either it has a large amount of grammar or spelling mistakes or it has poor grammar structure), work is not done according to the requirements of the customer as described in the order form and it needs some modifications then we will revise the work. To facilitate more we can change the writer free of cost. If after getting the minimum 3 revisions, the quality issue remains the same then the company is liable to issue a partial refund of up to 30% however, to qualify for it, the customer needs to provide detailed feedback and proof.

6.4: In case if the customer has placed an order and the writer has not been assigned yet but the customer has opened a ticket to issue a refund then an 80% refund will be made. But however, during the work process, these terms and conditions will be applied.

6.5: In case if the writer has been assigned and an order assigning email has been initiated by the writer to the customer and the customer asks for a refund then a partial refund will be issued which will be a maximum of 70%.

6.6: If the writer has provided the customer with a draft of the paper and has proceeded to further work and then the customer asks for a refund, then the customer will be issued a partial refund of up to 50%.

6.7: In case if the writer has completed the paper but not sent it to the customer and the customer asks for a refund then only a 25% refund from the total cost will be issued.

6.8: After getting the completed work, the customer will not be able to ask refund besides the terms and conditions mentioned in 6.2 and 6.3 of the refund policy.

6.9: Those customers who placed an order for the 24 and 48 hours deadline, are not eligible for order cancellation and they will be only able to get a refund in such cases as mentioned above, 6.2 and 6.3 applies.

7. Customer Validation Policy:

7.1: We hate scammers. So to avoid internet scams, we have made our terms and conditions restricted to validate each client. We will validate each client’s information and will make sure that details in the order form and payment details must match. We may check also the IP address to validate if it matches the address of the client that he entered. In case if any client enters payment details different than the order form, then we will need a photo/screenshot of the front side of the credit card or the front side of the government-issued ID card to validate that the customer/client is not a scammer. In case if the customer fails to provide documents for validation, then we will cancel the order without any further notice.

8. Chargeback Policy:

8.1: To minimize the rate of forced chargebacks, we have the right to verify the payment details and your identity. In case of any complaint that the customer has, the settlements will be made by the Q&A team of The Academic Papers UK.

8.2: The settlement for the issue between the customer and the company must be settled within 10 days of the customer’s complaint which will go through the Q&A team of the company. The customer needs to send proof regarding the matter so that the Q&A team may review it.

8.3: In case if the company fails to settle the dispute within 10 days then after 10 days, the customer is authorized to contact with bank or credit card company or his payment processor to file a dispute against the issue.

8.4: In case if the customer does not follow paragraph 8.1 of the chargeback terms and conditions and contacts directly with the bank, payment processor, or credit card company without getting the settlement through the Q&A team of the company then no chargeback will be issued.

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