How to Articulate a Dissertation? A Complete Guide

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    How to Articulate a Dissertation? A Complete Guide

    Post By Admin On 15, Jun

    A dissertation is a part of academic writing. It is a long piece of writing based on the original research. Students from all education levels have to submit this work at the end of their degree. Students are supposed to submit their Dissertation before completing their degree. Humanities and science dissertations have different structures. A humanities thesis usually resembles a long essay, while science dissertations are pretty different from humanities having proper structure, theme, and case studies. The other elements involved in the dissertation writing are the title page, abstract, and reference page. Most of the time, your teacher, professor, or supervisor will provide you with detailed guidelines to write your thesis. This article will explain the points to keep in mind while articulating a dissertation

    Step by Step Guidance for the Articulation of Dissertation

    There are different steps to writing the Dissertation. Similarly, you have to present or articulate a dissertation step by step according to the instructions from your institute or supervisor. Follow are the complete steps for your guidance in articulating a Dissertation.

    Title Page of the Dissertation

    First of all, whenever any person checks your thesis, he/she will see the first page of your document. This is usually kept as a cover page for your thesis. On this page, you have to write about the title or the topic of your dissertation, your name, department, institute, name of your degree program, name of your professor, date of submission, the logo of your school, college, or university, etc. according to the requirements of your institute. Similarly goes for the presentation of the Dissertation. You have to introduce yourself and the other details to the people around you.

    Acknowledgements of the Dissertation

    This is usually taken as an optional part of your Dissertation. You take this page to thank your family or the person who has helped you write your Dissertation. You can write the name of your supervisor, co-supervisor, friends, etc. Also, you have to thank these people for their love and support during your difficult time. When you present or articulate a Dissertation, you simply skip this part or explain it. It depends on your choice.

    Abstract of the Dissertation

    The abstract is the crux of your whole Dissertation and contains 150 to 300 words. It is written after you have completed your Dissertation. It must include the topic and the aims of your research, methodology, summary, results, and finally, the conclusion of your thesis.

    Table of Content of the Dissertation

    You have to mention the chapters, heading, and subheading of your Dissertation with the page numbers on this page. While presenting your Dissertation, you may or may not present this part. But you can use this part to give the reference and help your audience check the evidence accordingly. You can also show the list of the figures, tables, and charts in this part.

    Introduction of the Dissertation

    This is the most critical part while writing your Dissertation. You are supposed to introduce your Dissertation in this part. Explain your stance and give your topic sentence. You will present your Dissertation's main stance, ideas, and overview to the audience or the professors. You must be clear about what you are talking about.

    Theoretical Framework/ Literature review of the Dissertation

    In this chapter, you have to be very coherent with the structure of your Dissertation. You also have to summarize the existing studies related to it. You have to fill the study gap in your part, give new solutions to the problems, advance your literature review, etc. you also have present the main theory, methodologies, framework, concept, and models of the research.

    Methodology of the Dissertation

    In this chapter, you have to articulate the methods you are using in your Dissertation, analysis methods, data collection method, used material and justification for your methods, and so forth.

    Results of the Dissertation

    This chapter is all about presenting the results of your research. You are supposed to give the relevant result to your thesis.  In some of the Dissertation methods, you have to separate the result and discussion part of your write-up. And in other, these are combined.

    Discussion of the Dissertation

    In this part, you ought to discuss the results of your thesis concerning the questions, literature, and aims. Discussion of your thesis must be a reference to the works of scholars.

    Conclusion of the Dissertation

    Last but not least is the conclusion of your Dissertation. You have to articulate the summary of your research concerning methodology, results, discussion, and other important parts of the Dissertation. You can give a few hints for future research and study related to this field.  

    Final Words

    The Dissertation is the most crucial part of your study. The above steps and guidelines are the most valuable stages of a dissertation regarding articulation. You are supposed to focus on each part of your Dissertation with complete concentration. This article is a comprehensive guide for students who want to write and articulate a dissertation correctly. They simply have to follow these steps to write their thesis and present it accordingly. Make sure to follow these steps, and you will achieve good marks in your final presentation.